Regional Emergencies?

Washington State Department of Health Services require that all Adult Family Homes have a disaster plan in place. Emergency water, food, light and other survival gear is available on site.

How is care managed specifically for memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s residents?

Evergreen Adult Family Homes specialize in Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Memory care. We anticipate the needs that accompany these diseases and have trained our staff to respond in a caring and solution oriented manner. All of our care and activities are centered on the needs of residents with memory loss. Our goal is to find a resolution to any physical or cognitive issues that arise, not to transfer the resident out of our home.

Is the family included in ongoing care management decisions?

Our philosophy of care provides a home environment for our residents. Our home is their home. Because of this, we welcome family involvement, especially with activities and events. We
coordinate care with family and have care conferences during the initial 30 day transition period and then whenever there is a significant change.

What types of care are you able to provide?

All residents at Evergreen Adult Family homes have some form of
Dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory loss. Health and cognitive
decline are expected over time and we provide for our residents to
comfortably age in place. Because of our staffing ratio and nursing
hours, we can accommodate higher levels of care. We expect
incontinence, ambulation decline, need for assist with all personal
care, feeding, and medication management to be the normal
process with dementia and Alzheimer’s related disease. We also
offer Hospice Care at end of life.

Do you provide music therapy?

Music is an amazing tool for individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory loss. Each of our homes has an I-pod that includes a specific tract of each resident’s favorite music. Live entertainment is also brought into homes at least 1-2 times per month.

How do you ensure that residents remain cognitively and physically active?

Evergreen Adult Family Homes have a full-time Activities Department. Our Activity Director, Sara, provides an activity assessment upon arrival to get to know the preferences of each
resident. Sara and her assistant Rachel visit our homes during the week with specifically planned activities that are appropriate for the cognitive and physical abilities of our residents. The staff in each home also provides daily activities to keep residents active. Every Tuesday is an outing day. We provide a wheelchair accessible bus and have 6 extra staff in place to escort residents who want to go out. Families are always invited to participate as we visit local hot-spots and have lunch together. A monthly activity calendar is sent by email monthly to families.

Is the home entirely ADL accessible?

All our homes are specially built for ADL access. 5 homes are constructed without stairs, as well as wide hallways and doorways and wheelchair ramp to accommodate mobility devices.

What about Registered Nurses (LPN or RN)?

Full time RN services make rounds daily except Sunday. Evergreen AFH manages our own assessments and nurse delegation care services. Residents are not charged extra for these services.

What is your staffing to patient ratio?

Staffing is based on specific resident needs in each of our homes. Evergreen Adult Family homes have 24/7 care with 3 shifts of awake staffing.

  • 7am-3pm/2 caregivers
  • 3-11pm/2 caregivers
  • 11pm-7am/ 1-2 caregivers depending on acuity of each
  • RN’s make rounds daily (except Sunday)
  • Activity Staff/ 2 full time staff who lead activities daily
    between homes

How many residents live in each home?

Each of our homes is licensed for 6 residents. All bedrooms are private with one shared bedroom option available.

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